The Secret DNA of High-Performing Teams

Imagine if you could bottle the essence of your highest performing customer facing teams and use it across your entire store network…​

Get ready for an exciting journey as KultraLab joins forces with the World Retail Congress and the University of Manchester to embark on a groundbreaking global project!

Our mission? To uncover the high-performing behaviours of consumer-facing teams that drive exceptional performance. Our research findings will be unveiled at the highly anticipated World Retail Congress in Paris in April 2024. 

We’ve gathered an impressive panel of experts to join us on this journey and have an amazing line-up of global brands working with us.

Stay tuned, because in the months ahead, we’ll be sharing emerging themes and insights that will shape the future of high-performance in retail and consumer organisations. The countdown to transformation starts now!

Our Partners

Why our Partners are getting involved

“We’re looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding of high-performance behaviours across the retail industry and how we can use this insight to support and develop our people. As we start introducing our new values across Primark, we are also eager to see how we can align these with identified high-performance behaviours from this research to continue to foster environments across Primark which both put people first and are high performing.”

Adam Streeter
Head of Leadership & Culture

“Tesco is delighted to partner with KultraLab on this exciting project. We are eager to understand what the key behaviours are that contribute to high-performance across our store network. Our goal is to establish an environment where our teams feel valued and empowered to excel, providing them with the necessary tools to achieve their best performance. We’re looking forward to seeing the outcomes as they will enable us to provide everyone with the chance to thrive and ensure our customers have an exceptional experience.”

James Goodman
People Director, UK & ROI

“Our focus is on understanding how we can unlock the full potential of our people through exploring the behaviours that drive performance and engagement. We’re excited to get started and gather valuable insights to give us a clearer understanding of the steps we need to take to empower all our people to unlock their full potential.”

Samar Elmnhrawy
Chief Human Resources Officer

To find out more about becoming a partner, get in touch with us.   

Sir Clive Woodward
Strategic Advisor - Organisational Performance & Chair of Report

We are delighted that Sir Clive Woodward, England’s 2003 Rugby World Cup Winning Head Coach and Director of Sport for Team GB at London 2012, will be chairing this year’s report on high-performing teams. He has a wealth of expertise coaching high-performance teams in international sport and business.

Sir Clive will be providing his insight and perspectives on the findings and supporting the research across selected events in the coming months.

Our Research Partners include:


KultraLab is pleased to welcome Sir Clive Woodward as Strategic Advisor – Organisational Performance and Chair of upcoming report.

KultraLab is thrilled to announce its latest research project, uncovering the secret DNA of high-performing teams in consumer-facing organisations in partnership with the World Retail Congress and the University of Manchester.