Kultra® creates high-performing teams through AI coaching

Unlock manager potential and performance at scale

Imagine you could empower all your managers to role model the behaviours that underpin your culture and drive business performance.

Research driven behavioural insights

In partnership with The University of Manchester and the World Retail Congress, we’ve researched and interviewed 200+ consumer organisations to identify the core behaviours that drive high-performance in front-line consumer teams. 

We’ve translated this insight into a powerful tool which can drive real impact across front-line teams at scale.

Our AI coach, empowers managers to learn, role model and embed high-performing behaviours to create more engaged, confident and high-performing teams.

The benefits to you:

Create Your Unique Behavioural DNA Map

We transform your priorities into daily actions that inspire your managers to role model desired behaviours.

Choose from 63+ coaching topics, which can be mapped to your culture to create your unique behavioural DNA.

How Kultra® Works

Our AI coach taps into human motivation to spark development and support behavioural change.  Fusing AI coaching, behavioural science and technology, Kultra prompts self-reflection, mindset shift and habit-forming behaviour change.

Our approach empowers and engages your people creating healthy and thriving high-performing teams!

Spark Human

Our diagnostic informs individual goals and needs creating a personalised coaching plan with engaging storytelling to bring behaviours to life.

Sustain Behaviour Change

Intelligent nudges prompt practise, while tips encourage and coach you. Self-reflection moments allow time to note down and track progress.

Connects and

Peer support helps to challenge and build connection with colleagues, building a close community to encourage and motivate the user.

Find out more about the science behind Kultra and our coaching philosophy.

Kultra delivers:

What our users say:

“I thought I was brilliant at delegating. It turns out I wasn’t. The moment I started practising the approach in Kultra® I saw a difference."
“It (Kultra) has made me really think about what I am doing, it's making me more conscious of the habits day to day."
a woman talking and a man listening.
“Supervisor has gone from uninterested in his own development or business goals, to focusing on his team, and asking to participate in wider business projects. I was expecting that in 6 months not one."

Ready to unlock your managers’ potential?

We’d love to understand more about your challenges and the goals you are hoping to achieve. Contact us today to schedule a conversation and see our AI coach in action.  Find out how Kultra is helping other organisations to change behaviours and culture at scale.