The Power of Difference

The last few years have seen workforces stretched to their limits. The fallout from the Covid pandemic, the acceleration of change and transformation and the cost of living crisis, have left people feeling deflated and unsupported by their organisations.  This has led to a disconnect between the organisation and workforce, where employees do not feel they can be their true selves at work.

In partnership with World Retail Congress and Inbeta, KultraLab has undertaken a significant piece of research which reveals that organisations must do more to make meaningful progress towards creating inclusive organisations.  ‘The Power of Difference’ outlines that whilst positive intent is there, the lived experience of employees suggests that more needs to be done.

The Power of Difference‘ is here to help change the way organisations think about inclusion. It aims to get to the heart of what inclusion really means, what it should look and feel like, the potential of best practice in inclusion for every organisation and, crucially, how to deliver it.

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